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Today we finally migrated the epostraders.co.uk magento website from a shared hosting platform to a VPS (virtual private server). Magento is tricky at the best of times and moving it was no easy task. While I won't go into the details on this in this blog post, suffice to say it took the best part of two days to get it all sorted.

After going live we have noticed a considerable increase in speed in both the front end and back-end. The exact spec of the VPS is:

  • CPU - 3 Cores
  • RAM - 4GB

This is a great halfway house between the cost of a dedicated server and the low performance of the shared hosting platform.

With the shared platform the site was useable,replica chopard but sluggish, especially in the back-end when placing manual orders. Also there was a lot of intermittent downtime, due to the other people using the shared hosting, crashing the server and issues with the MYSQL server going down.

VPS gives you the control to reboot the server whenever it becomes unresponsive. There is also far less intermittent downtime unless the server the VPS is situated on crashes (a fairly rare scenario).

In conclusion if you are thinking of running a Magento site, factor in some budget for VPS hosting. It is well worth it in the long run.

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